H.I.H. Lij (Prince) Asfa-Wossen Asserate, Ph.D.
Honorary Senator of the University of Tübingen:

“The Rev. Mario Alexis Portella and Abba Abraham Buruk Woldegaber have written a noteworthy and most fascinating book describing the ancient religious culture of the Ethiopian and Eritrean people. This remarkable book is well researched and manages to ably destroy a number of prejudices we had hitherto unjustly harboured – especially against Pope Pius XI. This is a must for all enthusiasts of Oriental Christianity.”

The Honourable Giovanni Pallanti, Ph.D.
Former Deputy Mayor of Florence, Italy, and author:

“In 1936, Fascist Italy sought to conquest Ethiopia in order to civilise and “introduce” it to the Christian faith. A pity that the nation which was to be Christianised had already been so before Italy. Abyssinian Christianity shows how Ethiopia, notwithstanding such incursions, was always able to maintain in itself as an independent nation and play an imminent role in African society.”