Integral to the success of Catholic missions in Abyssinia was the ability of missionaries to inculturateAbyssinian Christianity gives special attention to the Lazarists and Capuchins since it was they who helped erect a permanent home for Catholics today. Click here to learn more about Father Giuseppe Sapeto, St. Justin De Jacobis and Mons. Guglielmo Massaia.



Pope Pius XI tackled Fascist aggression in Italy and publicly condemned the Italian onslaught and occupation of Ethiopia. Without the public support of most of his own Italian bishops, this pope led the crusade against Mussolini, which enabled peace and freedom to eventually prosper, especially in Ethiopia. Click here to learn more about this extraordinary leader of the Church.



As the last Christian emperor, 
Haile Sellassié helped dispel any misconceptions about Catholicism. He also abolished slavery, attempted to revive and continue the sense of national identity through education, and pushed for the autonomy of the Tewahdo Orthodox Church. Click here to learn more about this remarkable man.